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About Us

Short Summary

The NFT Gallery is a space for collectors and creators alike to purchase, produce and learn about NFTs and digital art. We combine sensational artists and technology  to pioneer this exciting new art form. Through opening a physical gallery in Mayfair, the heart of the London art scene, we provide a place for existing and emerging collectors to purchase NFTs accepting payment in both Crypto and Fiat currency. 


The NFT Gallery partners with internationally renowned creators of NFTs and digital art, to provide collectors with access to exclusive artworks and collections. Collectors have the ability to purchase NFTs with ease, their proof of purchase is recorded on a blockchain (i.e., commonly Ethereum) and they have the option to purchase a TokenFrame at the time of buying artworks to display NFTs in their own space. Being a female-led space, we champion female participation in the NFT and digital art market.

Mission Statement

The NFT Gallery exists to make NFTs more tangible, providing an immersive experience where both existing and emerging collectors can enjoy a curated selection of NFTs in a physical space, as well as online. We want to make NFTs and digital art accessible to everybody, The NFT Gallery is a space to collect, engage and learn.

The Space

The NFT Gallery is one of the first physical spaces dedicated to NFTs in Europe, with a 2700 ft gallery on Dover Street in Mayfair, we are the go-to destination for NFTs and digital art. Set out across two floors, the ground floor exhibition space provides a place for viewing carefully curated NFTs exhibitions of the highest standard. The first floor is dedicated to learning through delivering a series of panel discussions, workshops and events in conjunction with our ed-hub partners and collaborators. Moreover, we provide a meeting point for collectors, enthusiasts, artists and gallerists. 

Key Values





An engaging experience

Information and education

The Founders

Lynn Rosenberger

Lynn Rosenberger

Andrin Pfister

Andrin Pfister

Lilien Mary

Lilien Hornung-Mary

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