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Shadi Ghadirian 


Shadi Ghadirian is an Iranian artist best known for her series of photographs, “Like Every Day” and “Qajar Series,” which have brought her international acclaim. 


Originally from Iran, Shadi emerged in 2000 among a generation of photographers prepared to tackle the confusing reality of a woman’s place in contemporary Iran and to play with understandings of the region. Through her work, Shadi critically portraits the challenges women living in Iran face, and the contradictions existing between tradition and modernity in everyday life. 

Shadi studied photography at Azad University in Tehran, Iran. She has exhibited widely, participating in biennales in Russia, Sharjah (UAE); solo exhibitions in the US and India, and prestigious group shows including "Unveiled, New Art From the Middle East" at the Saatchi Gallery, London, and the touring Word Into Art exhibition at The British Museum and DIFC, Dubai. Shadi currently works at the Museum of Photography in Tehran.

Untitled, 2022
from the Qajar Series, original photographic print 1998

How do we see ourselves today, how do we see women: the woman of today, yesterday and tomorrow, where are these temporal boundaries drawn and, where do we stand vis-à-vis these boundaries? These are faces of women in the past, the women of the Qajar era (1785-1925), of the Constitutional era (1905-1907), at which point, a new way of living was inaugurated. But where are the boundaries drawn? Is art supposed to lay them bare and go beyond them? The temporal geography of my imagination is all muddled.

Price: £7,000

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