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VerticalCrypto Art


VCA Gallery is a curated platform dedicated to exhibiting and selling artworks from artists globally from a range of different mediums.  All works are minted as NFTs and the platform supports multiple blockchains.

VCA Auction House is a curated Web3 auction platform dedicated to unique curated sales of 1/1 artworks and digital assets. We work with leading artists globally and partner with brands to create native Web3 auction experiences both online and offline.

We as The NFT Gallery have partnered up with VerticalCrypto Art to put up a six week exhibition with multiple shows.  With this collaboration, VerticalCrypto Art curates a six week exhibition divided into four different group shows. The first, The Digital Canvas, presents twelve renowned international artists working with digital mediums such as CGR, animation, GIFs and more. The second group show, Companions of Code, will showcase an outstanding seletion of generative works created with code. With the third show, Computational Realism, seeks to address the conversation bwteen the artist and the machine. The last group show will be an all-female exhibition on the occasion of International Women's Day called "You Topia". This exhibition will further the ongoing debate of gender discrimination across the art world and beyond by asking artists to imagine their own utopia through their work. 

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